Tina Randolph
Tina Randolph is a multidisciplinary artist based in Seattle, Washington. She creates compelling environments and artwork for clients and collectors in public and private spaces and collections. Randolph's work has contributed immeasurably to the vibrant art and design movement in Seattle's Capitol Hill Neighborhood. Her architectural plaster and cement finishes and large scale murals enliven the areas most intriguing restaurants and bars. Numerous solo shows as well as private commissions have given collectors access to mixed media painting throughout her 25 year career.

As an artist she is compelled by natural materials, and how we interact with architecture.
The repetitive use of wood, plaster, metals, and beeswax reflect her love of the natural and organic world. A strong sense of composition and and color theory combined with a background in printing, letterpress and graphic arts produce a balanced and sophisticated approach to her mixed media works.

Often, her work is austere and restful to the eye, other times, complex and informed by intricate pattern work and symbolic iconography and text.

"As I walk through this world I am always seeking to find history, the imprint of time, and proof of existence. I'm attracted to the ephemeral and the eternal. Art is a spiritual act to me."

Tina Randolph's work is in private and public collections across the nation.